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Comments from those participating in the mother and child infant massage classes
The smiles coming from the kids were exceptional!!

I was happy to see that the kids looked very content

I was able to spend a lot of time with my child.

I learnt how to spend a time of happiness

My child and I were able to enjoy it together

I would like to conduct infant massage much earlier for my next child.

I can now understand the childfs situation much better.

It was a fun and easy to understand class.

The words of an experienced mother was encouraging

I am going to continue infant massage

I was able to make fellow mother friends for the first time

Worries I had towards children have been solved

The content was very attractive

Both mother and child were able to make new friends.

Apart from infant massage, I was able to learn a lot of other information regarding infants

I could feel a richness in my heart.

I was able to make new communication with my child.

Child Rescue Center
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