Child Rescue Center 3-3-11-101 Hon-cho Nakano-ku Tokyo, Japan 164-0012
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Establishment of the Center by Yuko Kusama
I have spent these past years to pursue my path to use this time to nurture and foster life through spreading infant massage within Japan and teaching the younger generation.

While interacting with various parents and children, I started to feel the specific needs of these people that are found outside the framework of an international organization.

After realizing that I wanted a base where I could act from a private position, and not from a public one, and therefore conduct more specific and custom made activities at my own pace, I decided to establish and run this center.

I also would like to work with the inner child problem that exists within the people who are way past the infant age group.

I would like to help in some way the small universe that exists within each person.
I truly wish that a peaceful and quite time will come to as many people as possible.

Director of the Child Rescue Center Yuko Kusama
(Presently in the process of establishing the center into an incorporated NPO)

This site uses the pink gerbera as its motif.
The floral language for this flower is gNoble beautyh

The Child Rescue Center aims to be an active organization to bring out the best nature in people.

Child Rescue Center
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